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The Slovenian Association Melbourne was founded in 1954 – proudly one of the first Slovenian clubs in Melbourne. From humble beginnings at a small property in Carlton, it has grown to become a well-resourced, picturesque hospitality establishment over 17 acres in the beautiful undulating hills of Research, the perfect Slovenian hillside setting. A large ballroom, dining room, outdoor BBQ area, playground, Hunters and Anglers Lodge and indoor bocce arena are some of the wonderful facilities the Association provides.


The Association was originally established to assist settlers of Slovenian origin with their integration into the Australian community. However as time progressed and the Australian-Slovenian population grew and evolved into a successful social, sporting, cultural and charitable organisation.
Today, the Slovenian Association Melbourne continues to thrive, maintaining a link with our 'motherland', promoting the Slovenian cultural and ethnic heritage, thereby contributing to the Australian multicultural way of life.


  • Social events – dances, BBQ picnics, St Nicholas, wine and small goods tastings, Slovenian Day Festival, Mothers' and Fathers' Day lunches, Oktoberfest and special events for the younger generation. See our Events page for a listing of 2012 events.
  • Bocce bowling and competitions.
  • Hire of facilities (Dining Room, Ballroom or Outdoor BBQ Area)

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Hunters & Anglers Club

The Hunters and Anglers club is a special division of SDM, in existence for nearly as long as the club itself.  Shortly after the Slovenian Club Melbourne was established in December of 1954,

a group of young Slovenian hunting enthusiasts got together and established the first Hunters Sporting sub section (Lovsko družino).

As part of the event calendar, the Hunters’ Club holds regular dances (lovske veselice). These events offer the best traditional foods of the Slovenian kitchen; first class Slovenian bands for entertainment and exhibitions of hunters’ trophies, stuffed animals and monster raffles. These events are hugely successful and attract hundreds of guests.

Members of the Hunters & Anglers Club meet every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month at the Hunters Lodge, located at the Club.  All Club members and friends are welcome to enjoy a game of pool, drink and fun conversation.

For enquiries regarding Hunters Club activities, including hunting trips, please contact:

Mr Stan Prosenak

President (starešina) Hunters and Anglers’ Club Slovenian Association Melbourne

Ph (03) 9876 1360